Practice Facilitation, Project Delivery and Practice System overview

As an experienced GP and healthcare manager I am delighted to be able to offer managerial support to practices. I’m always happy to try and help with any issue, but broadly I offer three areas of support:

Practice Facilitation

Have you ever been “stuck” with practice discussions, or found your practice meetings or away day sessions lacking focus? It can be challenging to stay focussed on key issues when there is so much going on. I am noted for my analytical approach to management issues, and the way I bring structure to discussions. I am thus delighted to be available for facilitation work with practices. In general terms the “pre-work” to facilitation would mean meeting with key individuals and reviewing relevant practice procedures and policies. I would then facilitate your meeting, in an inclusive and positive way.

Project Delivery

Has the practice ever had a good idea, but struggled to make it actually happen? We are time-poor in Primary Care, and it can be challenging to implement change in a busy practice. As a senior clinician and experienced manager I would work with the relevant members of your team to identify the scope of your project, identify enablers and blocks to delivery, and support the team to bring the project to fruition. My intention here is to achieve “lift off” with the project, providing the tools to keep it airborn, and empowering the practice team on the long term delivery and sustainability.

Practice System Overview

How is your practice doing? How is it really doing? How are the team coping with the pressures and how are your practice systems coping with acute demand and long term condition management? The Practice System Overview is intended as a “diagnostic” process to help you understand the strengths and opportunities of your practice. It will involve me spending time with the practice team, to have a frank discussion as to the current operation of the practice, leading to a written Overview report as a springboard to future practice development. Please note Practice System Overview is not normally available to Surrey Heartlands practices as your CCG Primary Care Team, supported by me, will consider offering a similar level of support on request.


Practice Managerial Support is priced at a day rate of £800 plus VAT, and delivered via AMCS Performance Consulting.

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