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I hope you enjoy my blog, which is simply a collection of my thoughts and reflections. Nothing should be interpreted as advice, either managerial or clinical. Please seek appropriate formal guidance elsewhere should you need to address any of the issues discussed.

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Systems Errors

It was interesting setting out my thoughts around how we can use the little things to incrementally improve safety and experience in primary care. Pulse kindly published my article in their October edition, the snippet is visible here if you click on the title above or “download” button below depending on whether you are mobileContinue reading “Systems Errors”

It has to be fun…

I’ve just been to a careers seminar about law. Nope, not a change for me – I suspect I’d look a bit conspicuous in the line-up for pupillage. I was there because one of my offspring is considering law, they are sadly not keen on following Dad into medicine. One speaker at the seminar stoodContinue reading “It has to be fun…”

Resilience – It’s ok

It’s the end of the year, and what a strange year it has been.  A year ago when I wrote my first blog, on vaccine hesitancy, things felt pretty dark. We went in to lockdown for the second time in 12 months, and it was a lot tougher than the first. Gone was the warmthContinue reading “Resilience – It’s ok”

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