About me

Hello and welcome

My name is Jonathan Inglesfield. I am a doctor based in Surrey in the south of the UK. I work as a GP and health services consultant.

I enjoy writing, and you can read my thoughts on this site. Away from medicine, my first published short story can be found in the When it is Time anthology, and my self published novel for children is The Navigator.

Professionally, as well as working as a family doctor I offer advice to healthcare organisations. My particular skill is in evaluating complex, sensitive or high impact issues in healthcare and offering advice on design, implementation, quality assurance and service monitoring. I’m also fine with simple things too. You can read my online CV here.

My consultancy and managerial support work is undertaken through AMCS Performance Consulting.

The Deer Doctor reflects my approach to the world around me. The management world is so pressured, so busy and so time sensitive. What is needed is time to notice change, to be vigilant of opportunity, but also danger – a heightened awareness of what is around us. You can fill in the rest of the analogy, but an hour in a deer park is a pretty good way to reflect on leadership.

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